Tuesday, March 15, 2011

brown virginia morning

it’s cold in virginia

and i find myself keeping up with the dead

at best those forty degrees, drag the breath from my mouth to my knees

there’s a song being played and all play their part, the bass line beats like my heart

my feet are burning, lifeless pavement turns to wet grass; colder still

they move in syncopation with time, so much more willing than when alive

with only skin on my feet they cross back onto the street, the cold air is fire

there are many more in tune, to the status we will all be accustomed to

though my pace is steady, the mind is accelerating

mindlessly, consciously, they have ceased to be fixed in one location

the amount of pain to be endured will not change with speed

dissipation. though no longer location, they are timeless

the universe is indifferent to my decision

the song came through the air to the radio, i only caught the end

and pain is my reminder that i have not arrived

song is eternal, it will play again

the green rug receives my feet; a brisk sweep

and i am growing in anticipation

the red door won’t open

for the moment i join in

glad i brought my keys.


  1. so touching. no words but these. your words pierce reality so beautifully.

  2. this is beautiful :) you and i write similar poetry, so I'm kinda bias :) but this is excellent.